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Inspirational Illustrations feat Hayley from Curves & Curls

I decided to do a new series of illustrations and corresponding blog posts about some fantastic bloggers and their inspirations. The idea being that they tell me who inspired them and why, and I draw them as their inspiration. Today’s blogger is the gorgeous Hayley from Curves and Curls. On the subject of inspirations have you nominated your inspirations for The Curvee Awards yet?

Can you to think of someone who either inspired you or you wanted to dress like growing up, whether they were a real person or a fictional character? Feel free to name a few if a few come to mind.

I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid growing up. Like all little girls I obviously loved Ariel (my hair is still a tribute to her) but I also adored Ursula. She was just so fierce and feisty, and while cruel she was certainly a woman in control. Nothing about her screamed victim and I loved that.

Why did you pick them?

Villains are always more interesting than heroines. They’ve got depth and character where heroines and heroes in traditional children’s stories are pretty one dimensional.

Do you still find them inspirational or interesting now you are older?

Even more so. Ursula was probably the first plus sized woman I came across who exuded confidence and sexuality. I can’t think of another animated figure like that off the top of my head. Sure she was bad, she had so much fun doing it. She oozed excess and I think that’s still a characteristic I find attractive today.

Do you ever incorporate any of their style or traits in to your every day life?

I have become more comfortable with my own sexiness and sexuality in recent years, and I think I am starting to have more of that awareness of my body that Ursula rocks. I am certainly not nearly as predatory as her, haha. But I wear things more fitted now than I did before and that’s very Ursula.

If you could dress as them for a day would you?

Hell yeah! Totally!

Hayley from Curves N Curls drawn as Ursula from The Little Mermaid

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