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Inspirational Illustrations feat Katt from Fat Girl For Life

Today I’m continuing the new series of illustrations and corresponding blog posts about some fantastic bloggers and their inspirations. If you haven’t seen it before, the idea is that they tell me who inspired them and why, and I draw them as their inspiration. Today’s blogger is the lovely Katt from Fat Girl For Life. On the subject of inspirations have you nominated your inspirations for The Curvee Awards yet?

Can you to think of someone who either inspired you or you wanted to dress like growing up, whether they were a real person or a fictional character? Feel free to name a few if a few come to mind.

I didn’t have much real life inspiration growing up. I had my mom who was pretty awesome, very strong, raised 4 kids on her own but I think we had some distance, emotionally when I started becoming more aware of myself and my body. But I did have my films, I was a massive Disney fan and fantasy fan, always always reading too. I mostly felt more connected to Belle from beauty and the beast, lily from legend and Harley Quinn from Batman.

I picked them because Belle is a book worm, loving, kind and most of all, didn’t judge someone on their appearance. She fell in love with someone who was the “beast” and I looked up to that. I wanted to model myself after her but also have someone never judge me on how I loooked, being a self concious teen that was a very important fact for me. Lily from legend was just plain gorgeous, those wild curls and when she is dressed up all gothy and dancing with the devil… I just wanted to have her appeal and courage! Now Harley Quinn, this is a weird one. I know that logically I shouldn’t like her, she’s mad as a hatter, in a relationship with someone who isn’t very nice but she’s cute, mad as a hatter and to be honest, very chaotic which I view myself as!

Do you still find them inspirational or interesting now you are older?

I think I find them even more inspirational, now I’m older and I can really see things clearly. I’ve never lost my love those girls and I still wish they were real people so I could meet them! Or be them…I actually think I’m a bit more inspired by Harley Quinn than I used to, I even collect Harley Quinn merch, art and the like!

Do you ever incorporate any of their style or traits in to your every day life?

I’d like to say style wise, I definitely went the Goth princess way of Lily when I was younger, now I would say I’m less goth princess and more classy princess, like Belle. Not that you can’t be a classy goth princess! Personality wise, I try to be as kind as possible, even to those who are unkind to me, not judge people on how they look or even act to some points, having anxiety can really open your eyes to how people behave so I would like to say I’m a lot like Belle in that aspect. Plus, I’m still a work worm to the max. I was also very odd and weird like Harley while being as cute as a button.

If you could dress as them for a day would you?

Do I only get a day? Can’t I just live in princess gowns and dance with the devil? I think the answer is hell yes to that one! I’m cosplaying for the first time in October, which is a very big thing for me due to not having the self esteem and confidence to try! I’ve always been worried of ending up a meme of a fat cosplayer or something along those lines,s o a few months ago I thought..fuck it, I’m doing it and so I am! Come October, I will be walking around London as a fat ass Harley Quinn with a massive hammer…so yes, I would and will be dressing up as someone I found inspirational as a child for day.

Katt from Fat Girl For Life drawn as Lily from Labyrinth

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