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Bikini Bravery

You’ve probably seen it before, when a plus size woman wears something revealing like a bikini, they are told they are “brave” or “daring”. On the surface this seems like a sensible statement, there’s so much stigma attached to being plus size and wearing any clothes, let alone revealing ones. We are taught to be… Read More Bikini Bravery

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Trigger Warnings

Let me start by saying, so many trigger warnings for this post. I realised I have written, briefly, about this before, but it is a very emotional post written while in distress. It’s not actually one I would recommend reading, though can’t bring myself to take it down. I want to talk about weight loss,… Read More Trigger Warnings

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So there’ve been some excellent articles on the issues with the #plusisequal campaign by Lane Bryant, here are just a few of them.. #Plusisequal? by Radfatfeminist Lane Bryant’s #PlusIsEqual Campaign & Times Square Takeover Lead To Mixed Reactions by Alysse Dalessandro #PlusIsEqual But I’m Not Sure I Understand The Equation by Virgie Tovar Apparently though… Read More #Ifpluswasequal