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Returning to work

I’ve been quiet online lately, not done so much drawing, and I just wanted to talk about why. After years of pain I have finally managed to return to work, a perfect job opportunity came up, and I – despite being incredibly nervous – decided to go for it.

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Iain Duncan Smith has not grown a conscience

I’m actually too annoyed to write properly. Basically everyone is saying things like, “IDS grows a conscience” or “When your budget is too immoral for IDS..”, and the thing is, he hasn’t grown a conscience, he doesn’t think the cuts were immoral, and he’s said so clearly in that resignation letter.

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“We must support the disabled, but we must support ordinary people as well”

Unsurprisingly this quote from Liz Kendall has been upsetting lots of people, mostly over the use of the word “ordinary”. Understandably people are pissed off at “ordinary” being the contrast to disabled, as if disabled is unnatural or even freakish. I also dislike it, however I think there is a bigger problem in that sentence,… Read More “We must support the disabled, but we must support ordinary people as well”

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Frida Kahlo

I’m currently suffering from the twin nightmares of severe period pain and EDS pain, my body feels utterly cripple by pain. Just typing this hurts, but I feel like I need to turn this pain in to something constructive, and it got me thinking about one of my idols – Frida Kahlo. I knew about… Read More Frida Kahlo