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Individuality vs Societal change

“Feminism means not judging women’s choices” “Body positivity means celebrating people loving their bodies” These are positive, uplifting quotes. Based on celebrating and raising up others, emphasising individuals happiness, because don’t we all want to live in a happier society? Of course we do.. so why are they sometimes controversial? In my opinion it is… Read More Individuality vs Societal change

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Human Nature

A little while ago I read and amazing book called Herland, by Charlotte Perkins Gillman. I loved it, and highly recommend it. It’s a story about a country in which there are only women, no men at all until three male explorers discover it, and it is mostly about the differences the author imagined between… Read More Human Nature

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Female Friendships

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently, trying to decide whether to write about it or not, and last night I read an article which has made me realise I need to. So I want to talk to you about female friendships, my experience, and expectations.

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Can I pull off a crop top?

Can I? Yes. I can. In case you’ve missed it, Oprah Magazine ran an advice column where a reader asked if she could “pull off a crop top”, and the response was an unequivocal no unless the reader had a flat stomach. As you can imagine, this caused an outcry.